JTech Laser

Help for setting up your file

  1. Make files in .dxf formats.
  2. Draw parts actual size.
  3. Make one single line, "continuous" do not overlap lines.
  4. Parts to be cut go on one layer. If you need parts labeled, place these on a second layer.
  5. Arrange your parts as you want them to be cut.
  6. Leave 1/8" minimum around the sheet perimeter and between parts.
  7. One sheet per file.
  8. ID material and thickness. (i.e. Balsa 1/16 x 3 x 36)
  9. Text must be exploded.
  10. Use polylines instead of splines.
  11. Tabs are optional. Parts can have tabs so they remain in the sheet after they are cut. If wood, a minimum of 2 tabs per part oriented with the grain.

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